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Head Hunting

Headhunting is acheived by Slaughtering. Each level is a different head and you sell the head for EX to level up your island


Esphy is an In-Game currency that can't be traded. It is attained through slaughtering Mobs from spawners.

Player Minions

Player Minions can be brought from the Esphy Merchant, they can Mine ores for you or Slaighter mobs. The choice is yours.

Island Quests

Once your island has hit 100% Headhunting, it is then time for quests. These can fluctuate in difficulty very easily depending on the island level, from Mining, to Grinding.


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.



Shelly has been a phenominal asset to Emperials and the community. She is a part time Developer and Owner of, undoubtedly, they best Minecraft: BE Skyblock around.



Twisted is the current Developer for Emperials and has done a fantastic job with Season 6 and all seasons to come! If you see him around, let him know how much we love him! <3



Chieduq has been huge help with the success of Emperials and nurturing the staff team. He spends most of his time doing /keyalls and giving away Admin-Items on Skyblock.

play.emperials.com : 19132


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